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Demonstration of a real speed on the building site: 2 workers build 4 pillars in half a day!

Even a single operator, without helpers, can achieve perfect pillars within the incredibly short.

Constructing pillars and columns “exposed-stone” employs skilled personnel for a long time and, consequently, generates a high final cost of the building.

Giraffa helps significantly reduce the time to work, offering the best accuracy of execution.

Giraffa is positioned in the construction of the pillar and, thanks to the telescopic adjustable supports, stabilizes the soil. Inside the tubular central support, a plumb line ensures perfect ironing of commissioning the system.

Exclusive patent

L'innovazione di Giraffa consente una velocità imbattibile su qualsiasi tipologia di cantiere. Facile e rivoluzionaria, Giraffa è un brevetto esclusivo Made in Italy.

Giraffa innovation allows a speed unrivaled on any type of building site. Easy and revolutionary, Giraffa is an exclusive patent Made in Italy.

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