Assembly 1

The intuitive-to-use fixing of the telescopic supports allows Giraffa structure to be quickly installed by the user and adapted to any ground surface.

Assembly 2

Simple, pleasant work thanks to the practical as well as carefully adjusted template interlocking system.

Assembly 3

The yellow arrow indicates the telescopic carrying tube. Let’s start! Giraffa is ready to build pillars in record time!


Always plumb

The plumb lines placed inside the bearing tube allow building pillars perfectly straight upwards.


Perfect stability

A swivel pin allows the support position to be adjusted, in this way it is possible to achieve optimum stability conditions, even in the presence of debris or in case of uneven ground.

Building speed 1

Once the structure has been positioned, the operator can begin construction by laying the first course of brick and concrete.

Building speed 2

When the first course is completed, raise the template by sliding on the central load-bearing tubular, to proceed with the laying of the second brick course.

Building speed 3

To build helical pillars, use the DM-GIR template. The particular turntable having regular-pitch holes is equipped with reference joint and allows the perfect laying of brick course, with no error possibilities.

Building speed 4

The excursion of the template allows to finish the work without removing the entire structure. Giraffa contributes considerably to reduce working time, offering the best precision in execution.